Books & Writing

My parents wrote several books while I was growing up, so writing always seemed a natural part of my life. My first published work was a series of letters which appeared in Drive magazine when I was ten.

I am a member of The Society of Authors and East Anglian Writers. I co-authored the cookbook Vegetarian Masterpieces, first published in 1988 and currently in its ninth edition. I had a regular column with my co-author Carol Tracy in the Charlotte Observer on vegetarian cooking, and now regularly contribute articles to magazines such as Herbs, Permaculture and Landscape.

My husband, Matthew Seal, and I have completed five books together:

Hedgerow Medicine: harvest and make your own herbal remedies, published by Merlin Unwin Books in 2008. A US edition has been published, titled Backyard Medicine.

Kitchen Medicine: household remedies for common ailments and domestic emergencies, published by Merlin Unwin Books in 2010. Also published in the US.

Make Your Own Aphrodisiacs, published by Merlin Unwin Books in 2012. Published in the US as Aphrodisia, Homemade Potions to Make Love More Likely, More Pleasurable and More Possible.

The Herbalist's Bible, John Parkinson's Lost Classic Rediscovered, published by Merlin Unwin Books in 2014.

Wayside Medicine: forgotten plants and how to use them, published by Merlin Unwin Books in 2017.


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